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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Hi Brian

I'll take one if that's ok. You can add it to my bill, lol!

TBH even if the lower numbers didn't line up I think I'd sand them off, repaint and use stickers. At the end of the day it's the raised angle that gives the visibility.
Ok will do.. that leaves 1 left of this batch.

Adam, think about it - we're talking about a POI error of like 2mm at 10 yards - half a pellet width!

I've been using these settings since I had the scope with no problem at all, in fact I only realised there was a slight range error on the closer ranges after people started testing these rings.

Now I don't know what you do for the close targets - but what I do is never ever dial round more than a complete turret turn. So for 10 yards, what I do is dial 55 yards, set the mag to 32x and then use the top of the lower thick post as my aiming point. I'm seriously not going to notice a 2mm error using that method, and even if I did that still gives me plenty of breathing space to knock over a 7mm killzone let alone a massive 15mm one

Plonk it on, line up your 50 yard mark and forget about it - it's such a slight error you'll never notice.

Oh and the ranges appear to work for the 6-24x40 as well which is a bonus!
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