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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Some guns are very sensitive to small differences in the pellet and can group better with some batches or sizes than others. I would always start with JSB exacts, you have a choice of weights with the 8.44gn Exacts probably being the most popular followed by the 7.9gn Exact Express. These both come with different batch numbers to give you even more variation to select from.

Once you have found a pellet you are happy with buy as many as you can get your hands on while you can, in a years time that die number and size may be hard to find.

If weighing them or any other form of preparation gives you more confidence then do it. I have done this myself and you do find some extreme weight pellets, whether they would cost you points is debateable.

I would recommend using a pellet box that protects the pellets from damage. Take half a tin of pellets in and out of your pocket a hundred times then examine them with a magnifier, the damage is quite bad!
So fill you pellet box and leave the tin at home.
As Simon says really.

One other thing i do to protect my pellets is by keeping the foam pads that are in the tins and cut them so that a tin is completely lined with foam...sides, top and bottom. Pellets don't get damaged in transit when you have half a tin.
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