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My Hawke SR6 (70 quid 2nd hand 18 months ago) has done me proud and has been a great scope for HFT. Its let down a bit on optics, but on the plus side, has been good on paralex, decent blur amounts at close and long without getting stupid, absolutelly maintains zero.

Tried MTC Viper 10x didn't like it, Hawke panorama, didnt like it. Bought a MTC connect SL 24mm version. Still to give it some proper range time, but initial impressions are good. With low mounts I can get decent cheek weld on the standard S400 stock, which i couldnt get with a 40/44mm objective lense. Sight picture seems nice and bright, low focus distances on high mag which is good.

If it cuts down PX error, (which I have witnessed being quite bad and alignement being critical on some scopes I have tried) and DoF is as good as Ive heard it is, I'll be a happy bunny if I make some metal bunnies unhappy
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