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Originally Posted by Brazos View Post
Are these now available for purchase. From what I could tell earlier, following this post, you were still experimenting and would have an official announcement when they were officially for sale. I could have missed it. I have been watching this as I am interested.
Testing seems to be going well - the thing I'm concerned about is that I produce 25 of these things and find that there's a problem, so I wanted to get a few people to try them out and give some feedback first.

It's looking like, the longer ranges - 55,50,45,40,35 are coming in correctly, but the lower ranges 10,11 etc can be a little out.

The settings on the ring are the same markings I have on my scope which has a Nick Murphy ring on it. Nick said the same thing about the rings he's made in the past, if you line up the 50 yard marking with the 50 yard marking on the scope, all the longer distances come in spot on, but there may be some differences on the lower ranges.

What I'd like to do is get an idea about how far out the lower ranges can be (for instance 10 yards on the ring is actually closer to being 11 yards) and if there's any pattern to it (which I can correct).

So well.. if anyone's desperate for one, I'll have some available at Newbury (if the order arrives in time) and you can have one on the understanding that the lower ranges might not be accurate. This doesn't really present much of a problem in reality because all you do is make sure your clicks correspond to the marked distance and the actual distance doesn't really matter.

If you want to wait longer for a bit more testing, I might be able to tweak the markings to get them closer.
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