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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
As we getting older, it's going to be harder to focus on close things, like a sidewheel or a scope turret. Now I designed a lightweight and fully adjustable magnifier which allows me to read the distances with my eye on the scope.

I tested the prototype yesterday, now I'm working on a better looking mounting system. Yes, cable ties do the job but I'm worrying about the scope surface and would make a fixed base element, like a small collar on the scope tube. Also working on its pair, a magnifier for the elevation turret, of course wit a lot of adjustments, too.

The scope magnifier is laser sintered, with a Fresnel lens in it, and fits to all scopes, also to scope enhancers. For more photos and details please look at my article here:

The main question is what to do with the magnifier when carrying the rifle and when putting into the soft/hard case. When fixed with the cable ties, it's easy to rotate it onto the top of the scope. Hopefully I can do the same with a fixed base, and the product will be available for all the FT shooters soon.
What a good idea.
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