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Default Good Regional course

Very Warm day at Castleton today, well done to all involved in putting out a Regional course to suit all grades (Easy course). Great to see lane of yellow / Lane of white face plates, just helps the blind shooters such as myself.
Little wind but with the odd gust to catch those that were not on the ball, especially me.
short disciplines and just a few reducers are mixed ranges. Enjoyable day out. Thanks to Tosh McGooh for the Lift.
Good Job arms dealer was not there as I recon on current Form he would have cleared it!
Tried listing the Guns for reference but not 100% I have all right, or many lol


Awesime Evans 35 (poor shooting really but did learn a bit about the X45 Comp in the sun!!)
Richard Beaugie 34 ( Take this form to the worlds, and with a Daystate!)
Jacks dad 34 (Not often big Jay does the young one, Steyr)
Chubby 33 ( Might of mentioned the Rubg more than once today? Walther)
Chris Keyworth 33 ( Not the only AA to double dink a lane today, Ev2)
Nigel Hayman 33 (top FTp score?)
Little Jack 33 (Best Medallion man impression, Ev2)
Russel Summers 28 ( ISP, next??)

A Grade

John Lewis 36 (open for Bfta grading but good shooting, with a steyr?)
Gadget 33 ( Ev2 are great)
Gareth James 32 (S400?)
Chris Miles 30 (EV2?)
John mortlock 30 (Steyr I think?)
Craig Corbett 30 (Back off Gadgets List)
John Kociombas 29 (MPR ?)
Tom Gould 28 (Steyr?)
Mike Long 28 (Springer)
Grandad 27 ( Dave G is MIA)
John Johnston 25 (Walther)
Gwynne Robinson 24 ( Anshutz or FTP??)
Craig Morgan 23 ( Ar20)

B grade

Barry Smith 33 (Steyr)
BDL 33 (Steyr)
Gary Williams 31 (Steyr)
Steve James 30 (s400 and best Godbear lookalike)
Wayne Brookes 30 (Steyr?)
Rob Hathway 29 (ev2)
Gary hando 27 (s400?)
Tosh 26 (Walther)
Dai Cooper 24 (Steyr)
Vince Bowen 22 (Steyr)
Steve Kociombas 18 (s400)

C grade

Steve Rossier 33 (Elected to go to B grade in wafta?? Ev2)
Stuart Kingshot 27 ( ??)
Ryan Thorne 25 (ev2?)
Len Harris 22 ( ???)
Martin Yoeman 22 (Spring ??)
Ryan Hughes 21 (1st Shoot, good going, ev2)
Annette James 17 (s400?)
Chris Watner 17 (Spring)
P.Hammand 13 (Steyr???)
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

REV26 Ostler Ev2 & x45 comp awaiting a Gary Cane Stock!
Beast Priest Ostler Ev2 & x45 prem ret comp in Warren Edwards stock
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