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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
I've heard that he's sold out all his equipment and stock to " fredyninefingers " I would get in touch with him.
If your stock blank has gone with the rest of his stuff Freddy may have it and in which case it's a case of receiving "stolen goods " as the stock blank was not Pauls to sell !!
I'm sure Freddy is unaware of the ownership of your stock and I purchased from him in the past and found him a genuine bloke.

Good luck
Please don't send anybody in my direction.....I bought Paul's equipment NOT His orders (whatever you want to call them) I can confirm a maple blank in Paul's posesion and a nice stock.he told me he was returning them,but he likes fanny more than the post office....his number is [deleted by admin for privacy issues]....try texting him,threatening him,even knock on his bloody front door but please don't give me a bloody headache nurse maiding grown men on a forum which is supposed to be my hobby!! FFS if he'd taken my dosh I'd have put his windows out and took my stuff back,I wouldn't be on a forum whining like a bunch of Mary's....atb Fred
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