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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
Thanks' to the Anston Lads for a great course, not too many long shots but quite a few nasty reducers ranged for 17 to 24 yards which managed to keep us on our toes.

Thanks to Dan for the company and I still don't know how you can take the unsupported kneeler and miss the two supported one's ???? Way be you should get the Anston lads to cut a few more trees down.

Great shooting by all the Kneeling class ( take the peg away and lets see how the prone shooter perform )

Well done Andy a nice 54 ( without the aid of a post ) And Mr Chaplin ...58.......!!!!!!

Would be nice to see how the prone shooter do without a post............or maybe increase the post length to 1meter to give the kneelers something to cling to !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you ever tried to shoot HFT Steve?

Thanks to Anston for the effort but i would like to be devils advocate and say that the course wasn't really a true HFT course, more of a FT kneel/stand practice course. I will justify that comment by saying that a lot of targets were around the 35 yd mark, only one supported stander, only one supported kneeler, no distance 25mm kills and not many angles......just about perfect for someone good at kneelers or a good recoiling shot.
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