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Originally Posted by Alcanara View Post
Thanks again Rich...... I cannot see anywhere in chairgun where you get a table of cm/clicks v angle of inclination.

I can see where you change to a specific angle and then read of clicks... but not a table where say 0 - 45 degrees can be displayed with the corresponding click/cm adjustments??

Is there such a facility.

PS... just realised I am looking at the mobile version on my ipad.... there may be more on the PC version??? does anyone know?


Hi Stuart

I wrote a little app to generate a table for me.
If you let me know BC, MV, LoS height I can give you a table in either cosines or degrees.

I have one of the Cosine ACI's (about 90 I think it was) and it looks like another turret on the side of my scope.
It reads in cosine's which isn't much use, but I generate a little table so I can read off the cosine and get the adjustment in mm.

Not that it's much use, but if you want to go down that route, let me know and I'll generate a table for you.

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