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Hi Boyo, you haven't upset me at all. Whilst I may not agree with what another person thinks I am not about to get upset over it. Life is too short to get upset over such a thing, and if someone can't handle others disagreeing, then the internet definitely isn't the place to be!
It's my first range, but not my first business, and I don't single out only positive comments, I welcome constructive criticism. The Sunday competitions we are running at the moment were born from a group of shooters (friends) who liked to shoot against each other to see who could win, bragging rights and banter is what they enjoyed. More people started joining in, and the competitions developed and grew into what we have now every Sunday. The basis remains the same, a shootout with friends with bragging rights and banter. Most people seem to like the treats for what they are, a novelty gift. Most people also seem to like the fact that everybody who participates gets something (regardless of how small, or its novelty factor). I do take on board your comment about something on paper, and I agree it could be a nice touch. To be honest some look forward to the prospect of deathly sugar, but a bit of paper might be a nice added touch. :-)
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