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Originally Posted by JJ View Post
Hi Brian,
I should have asked, is it possible that I could be achieving such a BC with my gun?
Or am I overestimating wind speed in real life?
Its just that if I use the default JSB BC and aim where I would normally I miss everything in the game.
Much, much more than I do in real life.... which is saying something
A BC of 0.039 with an 8.4 grain pellet is extremely unlikely. The atmospheric conditions for the ballistic calculation are set at the standard atmosphere. So in theory a pellet that would normally have a BC of 0.024 at sea level, 1013 millibars pressure and 13 degrees C could go upto around 0.030 at higher altitudes and higher temperatures, but 0.039 would be stretching it.

Most likely explanation would be either something barrel specific, a magic air stripper perhaps? The standard wind calculation in Chairgun being wrong (quite possibly) or an overestimation of the average wind speed along the path if the pellet to the target - or a combination of some or all of those factors.

Best thing to do is just use the wind speed in the game as an indicator as to whether the wind is stronger or weaker than it is for another target rather than take it literally.

The game can't mimic real world situations, it's real purpose is to teach through experience the likely effects different angles and target distances will have.

And - it's just a bit of fun . Think if it like flappy bird for FT shooters
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