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Originally Posted by boyo View Post
your the ***** and I am not afraid to say it, Wow a bar of fattening for a prize whatever next, must be a well established club to afford such crap lol
As I keep saying (somehow it keeps being misunderstood or ignored) this is not serious and is a bit of fun (a laugh). Think of it like having a bet with friends and having a shoot out with them. That is the atmosphere here when we have our comps and is exactly what people enjoy about it. They are not here for the prize, they are here for the range and the banter.
As for being a well established club, touché!! We have only just taken over the range, and have gone from being shooters to owners in a very short space of time with no time for preparation or planning. The previous owner decided he didn't want to do it any longer and was going to just close it, my partner and myself took over to stop it from closing. It has been a massive shock to the system as I'm sure most can appreciate, and we are focussed on refurbishing the range. I am sure our shooters would rather we spent our money where we are doing to be fair! They enjoy coming to the range and are happy with the changes we are making, and that is our goal :-) I have yet to be accused by them of trying to poison somebody with sugar, or insulting someone by offering it, lol!!!
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