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Default Information trickling in....

Gun was bought in person from Cindy's husband in Michigan, USA at an airgun show in 1999. Husband (Joe) stated it was worked on/tuned by Ken Turner. I made contact with an old FT club called Codnor in the UK. They mention on their website that they started out of Cindy's Shooting Shop in the 1980's. Their webmaster replied and said he'd speak with the club's founder who has information and photos from those days (he doesn't do the internet) and that he'd try to borrow and scan info for me. Also was contacted by a gentleman on that said he had some Vixen documents/information he would scan and mail to me from the UK. The owner previous to Matt also has an old Airgun Letter dated from 6/1999 where Tom Gaylord mentions Cindy and Joe having a number of nicely tuned rifles for sale. Hoping to get a copy of that too. Once I get data/scans I will post here for those interested. Hoping to get an email/postal or phone number for Cindy and Joe to reach out to them for more info about the shop and the work done with Ken Turner on the Vixen line. In the next month I hope to break down the rifle too to take a look at the innards and measure the spring, transfer port, stroke length, seal arrangement, any buttoning or piston work etc.

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