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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Unfortunately what I found, I'm hoping Intershoot start getting in some decent batches of JSB again in or I will probably give up shooting when I run out, as it's too frustrating knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

What die 18 are they you have, are they S000 or different ? & are they deep into the skirt or shallow & flat ?
Hi Steve

The 18's I've got are S0 00 & S1 04 and are deep into the skirt.

I know it does make you feel like , but you could try using 4.51's like Tench suggested. I've found my gun likes 4.51's out to about 35 yards - really nice tight groupings. But past that they get unstable, and a bit of wind and they're off! But they'll make a good fall back if I can't anything else.
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