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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Steve have you tried different sizes, I have been using 4.51's for a couple of years with good consistency, maybe the lesser used dies don't get changed so often, might be worth picking a tin up to try.
Funny enough I am on some 4.51 at the moment

Originally Posted by James0807 View Post
Bit drastic that Steve. It is just a matter of findinga batch that works and buy x50 tins. This way you know you have stock of a pellet that works.

I have found that the newer style JSB that are filled really far back and look like an accupell drop far more than the older style that are not filled back. I got some die 22 a box full and managed to win at Cambridge with them last year with a 58/60. I then went on to sell them. They weighed like nothing else I had seen before truly amazing. The die 4 I have now go through all of the guns I have so happy days.

I know it sounds drastic, & I'm sure some decent batches will come back around again soon, but I just can't shoot if the pellets aren't doing what they should be as there is nothing I can do about that. If it were me or the gun I can except that, I am not a top 10 shooter & I do have off days, but I just knew that there was something up with some of the shots I have been missing lately, I mean I missed a 35mm at 25 yards (my zero) high & I poked it in the middle !! Also a few shots at Fort had me scratching my head as well, I thought it was just wind...
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