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Originally Posted by Dippy View Post
I've been getting the same thing. I've got a complete sleeve of AA S7's and a tin of S5's and can't get them to group. The design is definitely different and my S400 doesn't like them one bit. I've even tried sizing and weighing them which improves the grouping a bit, but I'm still getting flyers, which like you say enough to miss a 15mm (or in some cases a big kill ).

At first I thought I had problems with my gun, so pulled through and put it over the chron just to check all was okay. But it didn't make any difference. Then fortunately someone from the club gave me a set of 'old style' 18's, unfortunately mostly from a 'mashed batch', but I managed to get enough decent ones to shoot with and I'm getting a lovely grouping again. So I reckon it's all down to the 'new style' pellets.
Unfortunately what I found, I'm hoping Intershoot start getting in some decent batches of JSB again in or I will probably give up shooting when I run out, as it's too frustrating knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

What die 18 are they you have, are they S000 or different ? & are they deep into the skirt or shallow & flat ?
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