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Default Cold and Heat ?

Right took the old GC2 + S&B FT to the club today to see how it went in the heat . first really hot day at Carisbooke rangers . dunno how hot exactly but after leaving the gun out in the sun for two hours + i went back to the rifle and the stock ( painted shiny black ) was almost to hot to touch . the scope was set up on 40 mag with a diffuser ( still in place ) . the scope felt warm to the touch . ranged up the 52 yard target on the zero range on 40 mag and it came in at 50 yards . two and a half yards out . 55 yards came in at 52 . went down to 30 mag and all the ranges came in on the numbers . went into the wood to let the rifle and scope cool down , came back out with the rifle and scope cooler to the touch and the ranges were coming in on 40 mag again . not the best test but considering the amount of shimmering heat on the range , not bad . so am i just lucky with this scope , dunno ??? HOLLY

PS there is no way i would leave a lupe 20+50 out in the sun like that . it would be all over the place .
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