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Originally Posted by rich View Post
How far away can the target be if you are shooting up at a steep angle? I guess it's not going to be a really long target in those circumstances. According to Chairgun, a 45 degree angle will still see my pellet in the KZ if I just go bottom of kill at 35 yards.

The other thing to say is, won't you also have to change what you allow for wind if the angle of the shot is so steep? Normally a headwind can be all but ignored, but if it's coming at your pellet from below.......
Thanks again Rich...... I cannot see anywhere in chairgun where you get a table of cm/clicks v angle of inclination.

I can see where you change to a specific angle and then read of clicks... but not a table where say 0 - 45 degrees can be displayed with the corresponding click/cm adjustments??

Is there such a facility.

PS... just realised I am looking at the mobile version on my ipad.... there may be more on the PC version??? does anyone know?


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