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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
The main shoot is the main shoot and the shoot-off is the shoot-off. These are two separate contests, you are merging them and I am saying that's wrong. All shooters in the shoot-off, with the same score, got the same score. Why should pegs 1-10, chosen arbitrarily, be treated any different to the other pegs?

I have the utmost respect for the clubs and the organizers. I'm just trying to find a better way, which seemed to be the topic of this thread.

You've shot-down my 5 peg course idea and the sudden-death shoot-off idea. I quite liked the paper target idea, but that's been shot down too.

Maybe we should introduce bonus points for style. We could have an extra point for shooting "from the hip" and "between the legs"
I was trying, and failing to explain to you how to think of the competition as one big shoot-off - that's what it is after all.

The shoot off is pegs 1-30, if you want to win, don't miss the killzones on any of them. You can't do a countback on a clear round
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