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Originally Posted by ian furness View Post
just bought half dozen tins AA4.52 18 on tin zero at 35 canot group them going high then low flyers scrubed barrel made sure everything is tight cant stop it. last lot of pelets no probbs ev2 mk1
Exactly what I've found

Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Has anyone had any decent groups with current 2014 Pellets, JSB or AA ??

I tested some new accupells & seemed to get 2 groups so only did the one 5 shot group & dismissed them.

don't dismiss any pellets too soon chum.
ive been testing too and it takes time for the barrel to 'lead in' or get used to different brands , types or even different batches of pellets ,

the first few shots will be all over the place then you'll see the groups tighten up.
might be better to pull through between changes to give a clean barrel as a starting point .

uk neil offered a thread about this over on bbs, if I remember, he suggested ignore the first 20 shots, my walther barrel was deffo irratic for the first 6 or 7

good luck testing
try to keep notes ... its a drag but saves getting confused
Thanks, I do take notes, but I will take on board what you & James have said about cleaning the barrel between different pellets for the next time.

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