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[QUOTE=5teve L;166058]Has anyone had any decent groups with current 2014 Pellets, JSB or AA ??

I tested some new accupells & seemed to get 2 groups so only did the one 5 shot group & dismissed them.

don't dismiss any pellets too soon chum.
ive been testing too and it takes time for the barrel to 'lead in' or get used to different brands , types or even different batches of pellets ,

the first few shots will be all over the place then you'll see the groups tighten up.
might be better to pull through between changes to give a clean barrel as a starting point .

uk neil offered a thread about this over on bbs, if I remember, he suggested ignore the first 20 shots, my walther barrel was deffo irratic for the first 6 or 7

good luck testing
try to keep notes ... its a drag but saves getting confused
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