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Has anyone had any decent groups with current 2014 Pellets, JSB or AA ??

I just did some testing, gun mounted in my workmate, 25yds & the newer pellets I have,( some late 2013 & some 2014) all seemed to have flyers in a 5 shot group, enough to miss or split a 15mm @ 25 yards which is worrying
I tested some new accupells & seemed to get 2 groups so only did the one 5 shot group & dismissed them.

I also had a tin of the AA express from 2013 & they were pretty good, in fact the best groups yet apart from my old trusty 18 S0 00 from early 2013.

I only checked with the workmate as I noticed my scores dropping off & put it down to opening a new tin of pellets or changing stocks, looks like it's not the stock...
I'm going to set up my pro target & do the same testing at some point, but I don't think it's the MPR playing up..

Is nobody else getting any problems ?
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