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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
Life isn't fair -tell me about it. But where possible, we can try to level the playing field. My beef with count-back is that it has nothing to do with shooting skill. Evidently, somebody thinks that the order of scoring from peg 1 is somehow indicative of shooting ability. Pants; talk to a statistician. A shoot-off on the other hand, does require skill. I don't like them either, but it is the lesser of two evils.
I don't understand why you feel shooting targets doesn't require a shooting skill

Here's a different way to look at it - Suppose you settle tied scores with a sudden death shoot-off as you proposed.

So you have say 5 targets, and each shooter in the shootoff takes a shot at the first target, if anyone misses that target they're out of the shoot-off, all those that hit it get to go on and shoot the next target etc.. until there's only one shooter left who hasn't missed yet.

You're shooting targets, so there's a shooting skill involved and it's fair - everyone gets a shot at the target, if they miss they lose.

Well.... the only difference between that scenario and Countback is just a matter of timing.

Instead of shooting your shoot-off at the end of the competition, you shoot it during the competition and the shoot-off targets start from target 1.
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