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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Just wondering why you have attached this to a three year old thread? Anyway whats this bracketing lark? Never heard of it and certainly dont use it.

I am a Ponty member and I really find the course difficult to range targets on even though I know most of the distances to the different landmarks, although I should do after shooting it for about 18 years.

The dark areas really throw you when using blur alone, and you do need four or five methods of working out distance, unfortunately bracketing is one I trust the least, but it depends on the club that you are shooting at, and knowing which targets are standard and not messed about with or home made to some weird size.

Just remember one thing about HFT................. it can become obsessive!!

1:Because I clicked on the 'hft round two
' link on the first page.
2:Because 'bracketing faceplates' sounds important, but really I just like the way horizontal targets act and look.
3. Because I can be a tit sometimes and don't read things carefully enough....hey it's a complimentary post and you read it!! D'ya know what, me and she looked at each other and said "I don't remember anyone clearing?' and yet on I went..nevertymindy eh? Thats it then, self imposed ban on anything keyboard related , again.And when I said ,'missus beating you' I didn't actually mean that she comes home angry and .........
Beginning to do better

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