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Absolute respect for those men, and all who follow after them. That beret carries a massive weight of history and pride we've not met to my knowledge but your avatar tells me all I need.
My late father in law watched the boys flying over all night from the deck of a minesweeper, working in complete blackout to clear the beachheads and sea lanes ahead of the mornings invasion force. Sailing under the eyes of those massive German emplacements all night no doubt quietly praying not to be seen.
A grandfather was serving on Landing Ship Tanks at the beachhead in the first wave of heavy landing craft; he had a better time than Anzio in 1943 when his craft was blown to bits, an American destroyer pulled him unconscious out the water 6 hours later, he went straight back into deployment.
Amazing men and women, all ordinary people who really did ' answer the call' .
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