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Default Yes mate, it's a nail!!!

Being new to NEFTA HFT I was mighty impressed with Yorks tree shots and their tube, shopping trolley shots etc...but this Pontefract shoot was something else. Just goes to show what can be done by people who put time and effort in and clearly know exactly what they are trying to achieve. Kill half obscured by wooden cable roll, then the visible part also had a nail hammered in ACROSS the face of what's left of the kill!! Magic, absolute magic, followed by 10yarder with metal bar across face, you fit your aim point in under the bar and hope for the best, superb..then shot 30..looking at it, it appears to be a simple obscured kill shot, but upon closer inspection the target looked completely covered, it's not until you walk back to the line and look through your scope that the effect works. This kind of thing takes planning and time and was executed with some flair! Mate I've shot with people who would have taken one look at these kinda shots and cried foul!! I've already written to shooting santa asking for a vertically mounted knockdown up a tree to appear (it makes faceplate bracketing very hard to do side ways especially for shooters using Map 6 or ballistic recs, and I can't do faceplate bracketing yet,so there. and a rat running up the tree also looks great) hopefully the shooting fairys will magic one for us at, oh I don't know, Thorn-Dell Gavin? We have found the HFT crowd to be welcoming,helpful and friendly so if for whatever reason you 'don't do' competitions you are really missing some great shooting experience, and unless you are one of the top boys you really are only shooting against yourself, no-one cares about your scores other than you. (and maybe your feking Missus if she has started routinely beating you!!) Now's the time, next shoot Anston, yet another set up by true professionals if the Paul James shoot was anything to go by.... You just turn up and pay your 5, sign in and shoot, that's it, couldn't be more simple. Even if you don't belong to a club you just sign in as 'visitor'. You will not regret putting that code in the sat nav..believe me!
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