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I have been shooting HFT for a few years and went through many scopes searching for something I really got on with, most scopes will do the job, only using them will tell you if they suit you. I got fed up with dropping points due to PX error, not the scopes fault, most will have some error under certain conditions when you are shooting away from the PX setting, but I would forget to check for it and ensure my eye position was correct so I went for a small 25mm objective scope to minimise the PX error. I would never go back to anything bigger for HFT. The new Connect SL would be my recommendation, I don't think you could get a better scope for HFT for that sort of money. But then that is based on what I feel is important as all scopes will be compromised in some way. A down side to small objective if you use blur is the increased depth of field achieved with a small objective also means the blur increase over distance is less pronounced. It will take a while of shooting HFT before you know what features you consider important, then the scope you settle on for the long term can be chosen.
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