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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
Just to cut through all the comments etc on this post. The reality of the situation is as follows.

1. There is no problem obtaining spares.
2. There is no problem getting them serviced at a reasonable price.
3. Steyrs have an excellent reputation ( its not a case of some say they have a good reputation some say they dont) you only have to look at what they win in all categories.
4. What hassle is there , we reckon we could change a complete action with a reg on it between lanes on a major competition. That is a true competion gun.
Hi I have never said the gun was anything else but great and I totally agree it can be serviced easily but you need the parts to do this.That's why I wanted spares if I had problems at a comp.
When I owned a Steyr I could not obtain spares from my Uk agent and I complained bitterly direct Steyr about this.I do not see why this should be the case when they can be purchased in other country's.
If you can now purchase spares or have them supplied free of charge by Harry Preston then my complaining has done some good, however you say there is no problem obtaining spares but from where?
My annoyance is with the UK agent who does not behave in a consistent manner when it comes to supplying spare parts if this has changed, which I doubt, then that is great news.
I can not understand why people seem to just accept, why even with guns purchased from HP you can not obtain spare as was the case when I had the Steyr.
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