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You need to find what suits you, and thats going to take a while and to be honest you will more than likely buy a scope, use it for a bit, realise you dont get on with it for some reason and then buy something else.

Very few hft'rs stick with the first scope they bought, I know of only one. The thing is, if you are starting out in hft, you wont know what suits you, and no one else can tell you, so dont spend big money as its odds on you'll change it withintn a few months anyway and price is no measure of how likely a scope will suit how you shoot.

The facters to consider are far more than if the glass looks nice to your eyes, its also if the ret fits the aimpoints where you zero to, if the depth of field is too narrow or too wide, if you want target turrets or not, does the scope have more parallax error at close range than you can cope with..... and so on.

Also keep in mind that scopes come in and out of fashion. The EB sniper was the one to have, then it was the bushnel 10x40, Hawke SR6, Viper, Hawke Nite-eye, then the mtc connect 32mm, now its the mtc connect 24mm (I have missed quite a few out from this list!). The reality is that some will prefer one scope, some another and all for different reasons.

You can do hft with some very modest scopes, I would suggest as a starting point a simple mildot ret scope of about 9x mag and about 40mm objective from the cheaper end of one of the major brands will be good enough for a few months and get the ball rolling, but you can ignore this and just use whatever you have kicking about also.
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