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this **** is killing me.
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Originally Posted by DYNO DAVE View Post
First and foremost my comments are what I believe would happen to your gun if he got his hands on it , And why, I have seen him work on them and was shocked at what I saw never in a million years should he be the styer rep or repair agent you could say he is a component changer but any more than that he is stumped and by the time he has changed every thing to find out what's wrong the bill will be mega so don't come on here and tell me that my comments are harsh , there are plenty of people out there no what I'm talking about and I have repaired some of there guns.
Posting " Send it to Harry and you will end up with a pile of scrap" without context will be seen (by most) as harsh.

Maybe posting something like your post here in reply to the OP would have been more appropriate.
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