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Default Steyr Service

Hi Chris I do know you and you would know me by sight Its Mick Brown yes I could not purchase spares from HP when I had a Steyr and implications of capability came into it direct from Steyr. Someone else who shall be nameless who you know was refused parts and he definitely knows what he is doing. Why have videos showing how to service if you are not going to supply spare parts.
Not having a go at you as such but I think it is unfair for some people being forced in some instances to return items to supplier for service when they are perfectly capable of carrying out such work and why should they have to struggle to find spare parts when we have a UK agent,( those that wish to return there guns to Harry Preston are free to do so) as was the case when I owned a Steyr.
It comes down to Why Should Harry Preston keep getting a pat on the back as such a great guy when he won't supply spare parts and people like you fill the gap and he continues to be able to avoid the issue.
I have not owned a Steyr for some time ( it was originally purchased from HP), but I do believe the short comings of Steyr's UK agent need highlighting as well as the good points. this I feel is constructive criticism from which a lesson could be learned.
From my experience The UK is the only country that the agent refuses to supply spare parts.
I have no knowledge of Mr Preston's servicing capabilities but his people skills need polishing.
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