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I use a 40 and 10y zero so 45 and 8 is half a dot, all the 15mm's are 1 dot hold under. All the aim points from 8 to 45 yards are within 1.5 mildots, from 1 above to half below the cross hair.
I have tried most heights and zero's, different set ups make some distances easier, you have to choose where you need the most help.
I remember when Rammy was using his high set up, he won nearly every thing that year. I tried it myself but struggled too much with the accurate ranging of the close reducers so that is where I make my aiming simple.

The drop from my highest aimpoint at 25y to 45y is 1.5 dots at 10x mag, don't know where you get 3 from unless your very low on power?
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