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Originally Posted by Multiregion View Post
Just proves my point Chris you had to come back and try and justify yourself.If its no bother to Harry Preston you supplying spares he may as well supply them himself, all the words in the world wont change the facts however you try to dress it up.
If you feel he has a living to make which you keep saying, stop supplying to other people and obtain the spares for your own private use.
Why would Mr Preston direct a potential customer to you if its one rule for all which it does not seem to be.
Mr Preston may be a nice guy but his business policy is not nice and short sighted, he could easily sell spares with a healthy mark up and afford another crust.
Blimey, what is your problem?

i don't have to justify myself at all Mick but it would appear that you have sand in your mangina over something? Have you had a bad experience with HP as the sparks from your axe can be seen for mles? therefore not justification but explanation.

Yeh, i lied about a potential customer being directed to me...i can only pass on what i'm told by the person wanting the reg checker. Also i have absolutely nothing to gain by 'bigging up' fact quite the opposite. i'm just saying it from my own experience that i have never had a problem with HP. maybe i should take your advice and tell people to sod off when they ask me for assistance, that would make you very popular. I don't know if you actually know me as i don't know your surname and you've not posted much since you joined but i have never charged anyone for working on a rifle as i quite enjoy helping people out and with each job find out something new for myself. I'll give you an example of the work i did a few weeks ago, full strip, clean, reg service and set up, cocking lever set up and stabiliser set. Took me 2 hours and the price was 20 quid for the parts. hardly a lucrative business.....oh and fitted a stabiliser spring for someone for no charge and sent someone some transfer port seals for nothing....shall i continue?

When i order parts i pay Dutch VAT and the Dutch rep makes a bit for supplying/postage/packing...then i bring to the UK and post out or meet people at shoots. I do agree with you that if i could get the parts through HP for the same price i wouldn't bother as sometimes the PO trips can be a bit of a chore when you work away all week and only get back for the weekend.

You might have a point that it depends who you are as to whether HP will supply parts but after what i've seen on stripping the odd Steyr it's obvious that some shooters shouldn't be trusted with a spoon.

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