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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I agree that this is a bit harsh as Harry does know his stuff.

Depending on the type of problem (if any)
Steyr servicing is fairly easy if you folllow the vids on the sportwaffen site. 4 o rings are needed initially -
o ring 6x2 reg interface and transfer port (2) 3301020026
o ring 24x2 interface to firing valve 6390011
o ring 5,28x1,78 internal loading port/breech 6390050

Check of the reg pressure and if not constant then service with 2 o rings and 8 bellevilles, re-set pressure and check for stability.While apart check for damage to piston and general clean.

While the rilfe is apart a general clean out of the areas where the block and cylinder sit and check of hammer,hamer spring, firing valve and spring (i have the dimensions that the springs written down). Check of trigger sears and general clean with cotton buds. Clean out of area where the hammer and firing valve sit. On assembly check that the stabiliser is working correctly (can also be done on stripdown) and that it protrodes from the rear of the block approx 5-10mm. The Steyr vid shows flush but i suspect that the rifle in the vid is 6 ft/lbs.

On assembly , make sure that the cocking lever has a positive click to close and is smooth in operation. if the closing of the cocking lever is too slack then it can pop open on firing and the rifle will 'blow' air each shot lowering the shot count, if too tight then the barrel end can crush the breech o ring. the 2 bolts that attach the block are used as the block has built in play. If that doesn't work then the barrel can be moved in or out to get the right closure of the cocking lever.

Might sound a bit complicated but most could do a service apart from the'd need a reg checker.
Chris, thanks so much for you response, it's exactly what I needed to know. I have taken my Steyr apart in the past with the help of the YouTube vids and I reckon I can follow your instructions (not 100% on what a trigger sear is or where the piston is but I'll figure it out)

With regard to the stabiliser, i have noticed a tiny amount of muzzle flip when firing so I suspect my stabiliser may not be set correctly - possibly due to me taking the rifle apart previously and reassembling as per the YouTube videos which as you say, instruct you to have the spring flush with the block.

I have a new 16J reg coming from a German shop soon. I bought it because my chrono readings can fluctuate as much as 25fps sometimes and i hear that this is not great. I will order the components in your list above and will fit them and clean the internals once the parts turn up.

Once again, lI really appreciate you taking the time to write such a concise response and I'll update this thread once I've put my rifle back together and tested it.

I guess. I'd better get myself a reg checker as well. Sounds like I may need one sometime in the future.

All the best,

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