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Originally Posted by Multiregion View Post
That's all very well Chris so you would run your business the same but be a bit more friendly selling spare parts?
That's not running the business the same and why should any one have to buy spares from Europe.
Also if you are such a fan of Mr Preston how dare you supply spares obtained outside this country and jeopardise Mr Preston's business. Hunting with the hounds and running with the fox spring to mind.
If being the Steyr UK rep was my job and my primary income then i would run it in a way where i could make enough money to pay the mortgage. I don't totally agree with how he runs it in regards to which parts he will supply but that's his call. It's for this reason that i have sourced my own spares which i am entitled to do having a Dutch house. Sourcing my own parts means i don't have to send/take my rifle to HP and the parts are cheaper. In the days before i knew my round a steyr i went to HP and found him spot on so, despite a lot of hearsay cannot decry the work he's done for me.

Others are sourcing steyr spares (Benke for example) but i'm just fortunate to have my Dutch contact/Dutch home and have been told by Steyr direct that i'm ok to obtain parts this way. If my sourcing (and others) impacted HP's income then he would have to review the way he runs his business which would be better?

Actually not that impressed with your "how dare you" and your insinuation that i'm two faced

Funnily enough i had someone contact me for a reg checker last week and he was told by HP to approach me for one. I try to help other shooters as much as i can and will continue to do so as i get a better price the more stuff goes on an order.....which is a win win all round.

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