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Originally Posted by McMurphy View Post
Evening Mr Scoob,what I need to know is the acutal size of the face plate that is allowed in a UKHFT comp,is there a limit to how big or small they can be???
There are no set sizes for face plates in UKAHFT but shooters need to be able to get a faceplate to retain the 2,1,0 scoring system. A faceplate with 10mm of metal all around the kill would be acceptable in most situations except maybe very long shots or positionals but we make these sort of decisions when vetting a course.

We rarely allow large reductions in face plates on Standing or kneeling shots although each case is judged separately during vetting. Take Bisley this year for instance, they had a kneeling shot up a pole with about 10mm of metal around the kill, this was allowed as you were literally shooting from a bench, this shot would not have been allowed on an un-supported kneeler.

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