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I have a 25 yd zero, & find high mounts work for me, my center barrel to scope is near on 2" on my set up (MPR/25mm SR6.)
I find on 9.5 mag I can shoot a 25mm on half a dot if it's 35 or 40 yards which works for me as I struggled with those most. The only downside is my 10 is 1.5 mill & my 8 is 2.5, but then I know this & the blur pretty much tells me how close the target is at that sort of range & it's rare you get many close ones these days
I tried lows & mediums when I had a 30mm Viper & it didn't work for me, even after trying a 35 yard & 40 yard zero.
You need to play & find what works best for the way you rangefind & shoot.
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