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Originally Posted by Multiregion View Post
I can understand Dave's comments.
Harry Preston support for serving the gun your self is zero.
Chris's comment is fine about serving but omits to say you can not buy spares from Mr Preston, well only a select inner circle.
These comments are from personal experience and I am happy to repeat them face to face with any one and even enlarge on my experience.
I understand your point of view as HP is running a business at the end of the day so tries to maximise his income. If i were in his shoes i would probably run it the same but try to be a bit more flexible when it came to selling service items. It's for this reason that i source spares through my Dutch address with no restrictions.

If anyone is struggling for items then please drop me a PM as i have almost every service part for a steyr and can get any and all parts.

just to balance things a the early days of my Steyr ownwership i fund HP friendly, professional and helpful.
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