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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I also have had a go with very high mounts, I put a set of regular high mounts on top of riser blocks to get a 3.5" scope height, this gave me one aimpoint from 23y out to 45y with a 25y zero. The long ones where simple even with a lot of blur as px error is not an issue with my scope. I set the PX very short so all the close ones where crystal clear so I could bracket the kills to accurately range them, with the pellet climbing very steeply over the close distances the close 15mm kills only give you a +/- 1y tolerance on range finding. All was well until I came across some odd shaped kills and ones that where not regular sizes. If target sizes where fixed at 15 20 etc this would be a good setup, but a 17mm kill ranged as a 15mm will be out by more than your tolerance.

Proof (if ever it was really needed) of just how much work the very top shots put into their HFT shooting. Most of us mere mortals buy a set of readily available, medium height mounts, screw them onto the dovetail and hope for the best.

Being an eternal fiddler, i.e. one who likes to change things (sometimes, just for the sake of change), I have experimented with many different scope/mount combinations for HFT. What works for me one month will be changed for yet another different set-up the following month, all in the forlorn hope of finding that extra point or three.

Strange thing is, my hunting rifle has enjoyed the same scope/mount combination for probably 4 years now, and I am a relatively successful hunter. Maybe a lesson to be learned here.

It doesn't really matter what set-up you use for HFT, for as Kieran has said, it is all down to compromise. Find the compromise that best suits you, learn how to get the most out of it and then......... STICK TO IT!

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