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I also have had a go with very high mounts, I put a set of regular high mounts on top of riser blocks to get a 3.5" scope height, this gave me one aimpoint from 23y out to 45y with a 25y zero. The long ones where simple even with a lot of blur as px error is not an issue with my scope. I set the PX very short so all the close ones where crystal clear so I could bracket the kills to accurately range them, with the pellet climbing very steeply over the close distances the close 15mm kills only give you a +/- 1y tolerance on range finding. All was well until I came across some odd shaped kills and ones that where not regular sizes. If target sizes where fixed at 15 20 etc this would be a good setup, but a 17mm kill ranged as a 15mm will be out by more than your tolerance.
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