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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
It's starting to evolve into something a little different from it's intention though, and that is as a comparison between how different countries set up their FT courses. I've got a New Zealand course to be added during the week and a Spanish course has been added this morning.
Ah well, if its remit has passed beyond mere wind, I no longer feel embarrassed about going overboard...!

How about target elevation, degrees positive or negative, (fed into the ballistic calcs natch!)

Sun direction relative to target. Easy enough from lat/long, timezone and local time, there's probably webservices available to get that info... but then you've got start time, shotgun or feed-on. Oh but if it's really overcast how relevant is sun direction, so back to a webservice for the local weather!

How about exact GPS coords of each target fed into an accurate topographical map of the region which would give you terrain type for each target and a factor for applying to the wind effect between firing point and target!

Makes you think though. Given the state of current 3D game engines, it would be feasible to develop a full FT sim game. Not economically of course, a few hundred worldwide would want to play it but very few of those would want to pay money for it. As a fun project though... There are plenty of easy to use map editors for the popular 3d game engines and even a few fully open source 3D engines.

I volunteer to be a beta tester!
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