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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Or are we just overcomplicating a cool little wind sim app!?
Lol, yeah we are a bit ( alot )

There's a really simple solution - just increase your average group size in the app. It'll make it harder to hit the sitters as well as everything else, but you'll just need to be better at getting the wind right.

If I get a mo, I'll add in some options for how good at standers and kneelers you think you are - so instead of allowing people to enter a wobble factor, I'll just have - Good, Ok, Crap buttons and put in a suitable wobble factor for you.

I think I'm going to add a "Troyer Scale" score for each target and an overall course score. Not that we use that scale in the UK, but it might be interesting to see what it is for a course.
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