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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Haha - yeah me too! but I guess really since this is a wind simulation, if you get the wind perfectly right luck shouldn't come into whether you knock the target over or not. It would be a luck simulator then, and we'd all be in trouble

How about if I go to 2.65 and 1.75 and see how realistic it is then?
Whatever you think Bri. I usually get between 50% and 75% of my standers, so I'll soon see if it seems to give me the same sort of results I'd expect. They have improved a little of late, so closer to the top of the range than the bottom (which is nice) but still subject to statistical anomalies (aka shooting like a pilchard on occasion!)

But isn't the point that if you miss a target left or right you don't really know how much of it was wind and how much was group size (luck)?

For shooting off the bag it's not too difficult (if you're being honest) to determine a typical group size for you and your rig. However standers and kneelers have a lot more wobble and are more physical, in other words it's easy to tire yourself out and skew the results if you're firing pellet after pellet at paper in a discipline position. Also the wobble factor assumes the same linear relationship between 55 yard sitting group size and standers/kneelers, for all shooters. In my case I'm quite reasonable off the bag and better than average on kneelers but a bit poo on standers. So would a better solution be having a standing group size and a kneeling group size for each shooter, but defaulted to standard multiple of the sitting size?

Or are we just overcomplicating a cool little wind sim app!?
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