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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
Brian, I've got the feeling that the group sizes for positionals are not realistic. All the standers and kneelers are too easy and sure hit in the software, compared to the certain amount of struggling in real life.
Yeah, I think you could be right there. I've set the wobble factor to 2.25 times your normal group size for Standers and 1.5 for kneelers.

What do you reckon I should tweak it up to? - 3 for standers and 2 for kneelers? - that would effectively mean if you're averaging a 15mm group at 55 yards sitting, you'll need to be mm perfect with the wind in order to hit a 45 yard stander. For everyone else with more than a 15mm 55 yard group an element of luck will come into a stander at 45 yards (i.e. even if you get the wind perfect, you could still miss)
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