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Originally Posted by CoolId View Post
No mate - sorry. Rotating the barrel 45 degrees gave me perfect round groups, but still don't understand why. Add to that more cleaning, and using the top half of the fill and the gun is on fire now. Shame about the shooter


can you replicate the symptoms if you rotate the barrel back again to the original position?
i.e is there a definite black spot ?
if so perhaps there's a particular sweet spot too. ....out with the Tipp-Ex methinks..!
does the poi move with barrel rotation or just alters the shape of the group ?

that top half of the fill thing is interesting , how many shots does that give you before it starts to go off ?
what pressure is a full fill ? and what pressure does it start to go away ?
re. harmonics
there were some barrel weights for sale on here a while back
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