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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
I don't think that they are talking centre to centre height Mick. Or are they?

The major factors to consider when setting up, is the awkward distances as I call them, I am talking about the 11/13 yard and 42/43 yard targets loved by course setters, these seem to be the ones that can catch you out in range finding as they are usually where your trajectory is at its greatest rate of change through the scope line, plus your difficult range finding distances as TENCH mentioned, and added to that the factor of mini kills and your into a heading into a scramble of compromises.
And this is what makes HFT so challenging, it's all about compromise!

Everything we shoot is a compromise due to the limited settings of our kit so this means we have to learn to adapt and compromise. In my opinion this is the greatest appeal of HFT.
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