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Originally Posted by Ceathreamhnan View Post
I bet there are a lot of people here who will take issue with that from long experience. I certainly have done tests to see how much extra drop off I get when shooting rested prone at a known range with strong sideways wind.
The only way I think heavily wind deflected shots might land low could be through the pellet becoming destabilised by buffeting and thereby losing ballistic efficiency. I canít see this with my mega guns using good Exacts but I did experience some very odd results using 7.6 grain Bisley Long Range Gold.

Indoors or in very light breeze these grouped as good as is possible. In any sort of significant wind the groups absolutely exploded and appeared to be on the low side, though the groups were so massive that it was hard to tell by eye. What does appear true is that the flight behaviour of these pellets was very different in moving air.

Given that wind velocity is so low compared to the pelletís velocity itís hard to explain these observations.
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