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Default rules

Any traditional type scope and settings can be used. However, zeroing, magnification, dialling and parallax must be set prior to the first shot and left untouched until the course is completed, this includes illuminated reticules which if used must be switched on with the brightness set before the first shot is taken and remain that way without any adjustment or switching throughout the competition.

No device may be added or designed into a stock/rifle to specifically support the stock/rifle on the peg or tree. this includes brackets, ledges, spikes, straps etc

The objective & ocular aperture of the scope must be left as it was manufactured and can not be reduced in any way, flip up scope caps must always be in an open position when taking a shot & any holes in the caps taped up while shooting the course.

Anyone found carrying out any adjustments whatsoever to a scope once the course has been started will be expelled from the competition. Lasers are not permitted and should be removed from the rifle.

reading the rules he couldn't but I think Kieran has a point
rules are made to stop cheating, with switching it back on he is not trying to cheat , he is setting his scope the way he started the shoot

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