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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
With all due respect surely some common sense needs to be administered here. The guy has an auto IR scope he wishes to use for HFT, he wishes to use the IR function for the duration of the shoot but because of the auto switch off function it turns itself off half way round so he is unable to use his preferred scope settings for the rest of the course.

Surely common sense can be applied here, the guy has no advantage when using IR settings it's purely is his preference. So basically what difference does it make? This is my opinion is been overly pedantic.
It depends how you interpret common sense Kieran ??

Many year ago we had a few shooters who were turning their IR off between lanes to save battery, it was then found that on some lanes they weren't turning it back on & on other lanes they were turning it back on to a different intensity so they could have the best view of the target.....As a result we added the rule that it had to be switched on at the start of the comp & left on the same setting all the way through without any adjustment or switching.

We now have a few scopes that auto shut off, including some having a graduated intensity dial but using the same "ON" button to adjust the illumination intensity...If we allowed these to be switched back on during competition we wouldn't know what intensity was being used or if indeed they were being switched on rather than off, this would lead to the chance of a shooter being able to adjust or turn his illumination on/off during competition to get the best view of the target which would be against the "NON ADJUSTMENT" idea of UKAHFT.

Therefore in our opinion the fairest option is to stop these scopes being turned back on or adjusted once the first shot has been taken.
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