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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
There comes a time when we have to trust the people we shoot with. I can't ask the marshal team to start looking down peoples scopes to see if the IR is on.

But, if a shooter keeps turning it on and off, then we will have to look into it.

The rule is, whatever you start the comp with, that is what you have to shoot the rest of the comp with. For instance. If a shooter set his parallax for 25 yards and then knock it against a tree and spins the turret, I would expect them to reset the parallax before taking the shot. (This is not changing the scope settings, it is returning them to there initial setting)

The IR is the same.

Hope that helps

Cheers Gary ,without going off track , If you accidently move your windage or elevation turret during a comp can that be put back also.
cheers Colin
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